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Wajdi A. Ayach

11 mayo, 2017

DHCP Option Sophos XG

La función de DHCP Option es de  proporcionar parámetros de configuración opcionales (adicionales) para el cliente. Configurar estas opciones en un Sophos SG (UTM 9.x) se hace en un entorno visual desde el propio WebAdmin. Sin embargo (hasta próximo aviso) este no es el caso para los appliance de la serie XG…
DLPIT Security
16 junio, 2015

Data Loss Prevention’s 6 Best

To keep up with IT Security issues and get the latest top stories, kindly join us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. 1. Make data protection the top priority for your security program. Valuable customer or business data is the ultimate target of the vast majority of cyber attacks, so prioritize data protection…
IT Security
8 junio, 2015

The attack of the home routers

The security of any network is only as strong as its weakest link. What if that weak link is so fundamental that most of us may not even consider it to be faulty? Increasingly bad actors have been targeting common routers, the backbone of the Internet, as the new playground…

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