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Wajdi A. Ayach

13 July, 2020

Do I need a Web Application Firewall?

It is likely that your website or web application will not be attacked. But there is one important fact here: over 35,000 successful website hacks are performed daily. We are all potential targets simply because we publish a page or application, and having secure passwords and an SSL certificate is…
24 June, 2020

Speed tests behind an IPS.

Most of us are familiar with those popular Internet speed testing services out there. What these sites do is allow you to test your upload and download bandwidth, giving you an idea of the quality of your Internet connection. But are they really accurate if we are on a corporate…
IT SecuritySophos XG
13 February, 2019

Sophos SFOS v17.5 MR3

SFOS brings in a few new features such as Airgap Support, manual protection pattern update, broader backup and restore support, and APX wireless series support. What I like most is the DHCP on Bridge interface availability which I haven't tried yet, but anxious to see how it behaves. Accompanied with…
IT SecuritySophos CentralSophos XG
30 November, 2018

Lateral Movement Protection

When Synchronized Security was first introduced with XG Firewall, Security Heartbeat settings in firewall rules allowed unhealthy endpoints with RED or YELLOW heartbeat status to be denied or blocked by these firewall rules. This effectively ensures compromised systems can be isolated from other parts of the network such as other…
5 November, 2018

What is IP68?

With the release of new communications devices, both Android and iOS, many of these already meet the IP68 standard. The acronym IP means Ingress Protection or "Degree of protection", and has been developed to qualify in an alpha-numerical way electronic equipment (WiFi stations, communications equipment, PDAs, and celular devices like…

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