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Wajdi A. Ayach

AzureSophos XG
18 September, 2018

Moving XG within Azure

While there are many technicalities to take into consideration when moving an XG virtual appliance from one tenant to another in Microsoft Azure, it is important not to forget an essential issue to insure a post migration continuous working environment. First, let’s take into consideration the following facts: The XG…
IT Security
17 April, 2018

Deactivating Powershell is a Good Idea

Perhaps one of the most effective recommendations when it comes to fighting ransomware attacks is to disable Windows Powershell. We always insist on this option in addition to other security measures and user awareness to mitigate possible "unwanted encryption". Windows PowerShell has four different execution policies: Restricted: Prohibits executing scripts.…
IT SecuritySophos UTMSophos XG
30 March, 2018

IPS & Speed Tests

The activation of any scanning or filtering function in a Firewall/UTM will undoubtedly affect the performance of the network. From the security features available in a security device, it is known that the Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) has the greatest impact on the performance of a network (throughput). When running…
7 December, 2017

TresW – Sophos Day Canarias 2017

Once again, we would like to thank you for attending the TresW | Sophos Day Canarias 2017 event that took place on November 29th. Emilio Gil - Lead Manager, and Iván Mateos - Sales Engineer, both professionals at our security partner Sophos, enriched us with knowledge about the tools available…
Sophos XG
7 December, 2017

Sophos Firewall OS VoIP Drop

In this post, we are going to use a possible workaround for Sophos Firewall (XG) users whom experience drops in VoIP calls when it is due to a deficient or below average connection quality. As long as it does not coincide with bad SIP configuration, VoIP problems generally occur due…
IT SecuritySophos Phish Threat
24 November, 2017

A Phishing Simulator

The disaster that a phishing attack can trigger is known. Many of us have at least heard of it or read about the cost and the hard times an instinctive click can cause. It is also known that many Advanced Persistant Threats (APT) use these tactics on a large scale.…

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