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13 February, 2019

Sophos SFOS v17.5 MR3

SFOS brings in a few new features such as Airgap Support, manual protection pattern update, broader backup and restore support, and APX wireless series support. What I like most is the DHCP on Bridge interface availability which I haven't tried yet, but anxious to see how it behaves. Accompanied with…
IT SecuritySophos CentralSophos XG
30 November, 2018

Lateral Movement Protection

When Synchronized Security was first introduced with XG Firewall, Security Heartbeat settings in firewall rules allowed unhealthy endpoints with RED or YELLOW heartbeat status to be denied or blocked by these firewall rules. This effectively ensures compromised systems can be isolated from other parts of the network such as other…
AzureSophos XG
18 September, 2018

Moving XG within Azure

While there are many technicalities to take into consideration when moving an XG virtual appliance from one tenant to another in Microsoft Azure, it is important not to forget an essential issue to insure a post migration continuous working environment. First, let’s take into consideration the following facts: The XG…
IT SecuritySophos UTMSophos XG
30 March, 2018

IPS & Speed Tests

The activation of any scanning or filtering function in a Firewall/UTM will undoubtedly affect the performance of the network. From the security features available in a security device, it is known that the Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) has the greatest impact on the performance of a network (throughput). When running…

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