Lightning Is Here To Stay

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In just over 48 hours, I’ve read several negative posts on tech websites and blogs about Apple’s decision to ditch the 3.5mm audio jack.

I understand that change might be a huge deal for people, but detaching from a 100-year-old analogue industry standard jack and moving on to a digital connector is nothing but good news and advancement in audio technology. It just happens to be brought to us by Apple. One of many technologies. Again.

It is quite simple, a 3.5mm jack is passive. It has to rely on an internally built digital to analogue converter, or DAC, to process sound. The DAC and the amplification process are limited to space, costs, and the quality of the components themselves. Whereas a Lightning connector sends the audio signals in a digital format to be processed within the headphones and even amplified in place. This results in superior sound quality compared to any 3.5mm headphone available on the market. By the way, high-end headphone manufacturers like B&W and B&O (my faves) will soon unleash the best gears they’ve been holding onto for the past few years. Wait and see… or should I say wait and hear?

But, if 3.5mm jack stagnancy is an in-thing, Apple does include an adapter in the box for free.

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