A key feature and in my opinion, one that stands out, is the design of Xstream Architecture: A streaming packet processing flow design that provides unprecedented levels of performance and protection.

This new architecture includes Xstream SSL Inspection where you can enable SSL inspection on your networks without compromising performance or user experience. It delivers high-performance, high connection capacity support for TLS 1.3 and all modern cipher suites providing in-depth SSL inspection performance across all ports, protocols, and applications. It also allows you to optimize security, privacy, and performance.

Another feature is the new DPI engine which enables comprehensive threat protection in a single high-performance streaming DPI engine with proxyless scanning of all traffic for AV, IPS, and web threats. This also provides Application Control and SSL Inspection. Pattern matching on decrypted traffic makes patterns more effective and provides increased protection from hash/pattern changing applications such as uncensored proxy apps.

The Xstream Network Flow FastPath provides the ultimate in performance by intelligently offloading traffic processing to transfer trusted traffic at wire speeds. FastPath offloading can be controlled through policy to accelerate important cloud application traffic, or intelligently by the DPI engine based on traffic characteristics.

Version 18, or Xstream, brings dozens of new features and benefits to the table. These also include SSL Inspection troubleshooting, SD-WAN Application Routing and Synchronized SD-WAN which offers additional benefits with routing and added clarity and reliability as well as a major enhancement to High Availability deployment witch makes is quite similar, if not better, to what we previously had in Sophos SG appliances (Astaro). These include the possibility to enable plug-and-play high availability deployments with greater flexibility as well as a preconfigured HA port on every device for quick and easy HA deployments by simply connecting the two ports together and then acknowledging and activating the feature.

Sophos has matured the XG with version 18 to a point where the positive impact on any network deployment will be certainly noticed.

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