“Public network” to “Private network”

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Windows Server 2012/16 Network Location

Changing your “Public network” to “Private network” and you don’t want to join the server to a domain? Simply follow these steps:

In “Server Manager” open the “Tools” menu and select “Local Security policy”.

Select “Network List manager policies” in the console tree and open “All Networks” properties. Change “Network location” to “User can change location”. Usually, there is no need to reboot.

If this still does not work for you, open a Powershell command window and copy / paste the following codes. Be sure that where there is “XX” you use the proper interface index.


Type in or copy and paste the below command in order to get the list of network profiles on the system.


Follow by changing the network interface to private, using the network interface index number from the previous command.

“Set-NetConnectionProfile -InterfaceIndex XX -NetworkCategory Private”


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