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Network Protection

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Protect your network with the latest and most secure UTM solutions and Level 8 firewalls against threats, intrusions, unwanted applications, data loss and malware.

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Unified Threat Management

The latest generation of UTM (Unified Threat Management) appliances - both physical and virtual - not only protect networks at the gateway with an antivirus engine, but also combine advanced networking features to manage traffic safely, provide VPN solutions , WiFi, IPS, DLP, Applications Control, Anti-spam, and Web browsing and control. UTM appliances also integrate extensive reporting tools and logs for statistics in real time, helping IT managers with immediate decision-making.

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Enduser Protection

Enduser Protection

Protect users anywhere, with whatever device, and all the time.

Antimalware, mail protection, web protection, data encryption, device control, and data leak prevention are licensed per user, not per device.

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Enduser Protection Suites

Get proven protection for your laptops, desktops and servers from Windows, Mac, Linux and virtual platforms. Everything you need in a single, high performance agent.

  • Protection against malicious programs.
  • Application and Device Control.
  • Patch control.
  • Malicious and inappropriate web filtering.
  • Malware scanning.

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Mobile Control

Easily and safely protect mobile devices. Provide secure access to email and corporate data and maintain control over these devices.

  • iOS, Android, Windows 8 and more.
  • Grant access through policies to email and corporate data.
  • Block, remove, or wipe the contents of lost or stolen devices remotely.
  • Application Control.
  • A Self-Service Portal for authenticated users.
  • Antimalware for Android devices.

Cloud Services

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Implement a cloud-based protection service without the hardware through a real-time updated agent. The TresW subscription solutions are affordable and adaptable to any SMB or Enterprise.

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With our economic and flexible subscription service, protect your workstations or servers through a lightweight and efficient antivirus engine with intelligent HIPS (Host Intrusion Prevention System) protection, device control, and antimalware. If you are simply browsing the Internet, the AV agent filters malicious and inappropriate websites and alerts you, wherever you are located.

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Professional Services

Professional Services

With an extensive experience and utmost knowledge, TresW implements security projects for end users, companies, as well as renowned manufacturers of IT Security Solutions.

Our team of qualified engineers and technicians develop and implement IT security projects and solutions for both the private and public sectors. Whatever the size of your business or company, your needs can be met with a flexible and tailored solution.


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We use a range of the most secure wireless products not only to cover your WiFi needs, but also to insure a safe navigation through filters and policies.

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The implementation of managed wireless access points is the simplest and most cost effective way to protect your wireless networks and centrally manage them with one wireless controller. Our APs also make it easy and affordable to extend the best-in-class managed centralized security to mobile devices within the WLAN.

As for your Hotspot needs and point-to-point networks, we are able to not only establish wireless data connections at distances of 200km per hop, but also maintain exceptional speeds.


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